The recommendation for the Ukrainian population that arrives in Galicia is to qualify for the temporary protection system via any of the organizations in charge of the initial reception in Galicia.

The temporary protection system is a statute that provides immediate care to Ukrainian refugees for a period of one year extendable to three.

It gives access to certain rights such as residence permit, work permit, medical care, educational care for minors and other social benefits.

Temporary protection may be requested in the following cases:

  • Ukrainian nationals or nationals residing in that country who left Ukraine after the conflict with Russia (24-02-2022).
  • Ukrainian nationals or nationals residing in that country who were already in Spain before the conflict with Russia, whether legally or illegally.
  • Members of their families.

The recommendation is to do so through refugee reception centers managed by Accem in Galicia, calling on telephone number +34 673 319 850 free of charge.

The initial orientation, help in application procedures for obtaining residence and work permits and referral to the most appropriate place of asylum is offered there.

The recommendation is to access the temporary protection system via Accem, but you can also access it on your own by appearing in person before the National Police, which will issue the NIE application proof or resolution granting temporary protection. This can be done in police stations in A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, Vigo, Santiago, Ferrol and Tui. Make an appointment on phone: +34 91 047 44 44

Thereafter, to access social benefits, you must go to the municipal social services.

In addition to the benefits of temporary protection, you may be eligible for other types of aid to receive accommodation, maintenance and other financial support. For this you can go to the International Protection Reception System managed by Accem along with other Galician social organizations.

International protection is an asylum remedy that recognizes refugee status. It is granted within a period of up to 6 months, while temporary protection is granted within 24 hours. An evaluation is needed and certain requirements must be met.

Ukrainian nationals or those residing in that country who were already in Spain before the conflict can apply for temporary protection to reside and work in Spain, regardless of their legal or illegal situation. If you have been in Spain for less than 90 days, your situation remains legal.

Yes. Procedures have been simplified at the request of the European Union, allowing Ukrainian refugees to obtain residence and work permits within 24 hours.

The right to health care is guaranteed immediately to all Ukrainians arriving in Galicia.

To access primary care, temporary protection, issued within 24 hours by the National Police stations, must be processed in advance, where they will assign a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE).

The Galician Health Service (Sergas) will proceed to the immediate examination in health centers, hospitals or other authorized centers.

The applicant will be included in the regional protected population database by assigning a CIP and a general health care and vaccination entitlement.


The most effective way is financial donations, since resources such as food, clothing or medicine can complicate management and be inefficient. It is recommended to make donations to organizations you trust through its official website and avoid scams that can occur by phone or email links or sms.

Another way to help is through volunteering. It is always a good idea to help one of the NGOs that work in Galicia in receiving and assisting refugees. Several organizations have web forms to sign up or offer help.

In Galicia, the organization that manages the initial reception is Accem, along with the following organizations manage the international protection program and have emergency places for the Ukrainian population: Red Cross, Diversidades, Diaconía, Ecos do Sur, Provivienda and Movimiento por la Paz el Desarme y la Libertad

There are also several Development NGOs working on the ground in Ukraine or neighboring countries such as: UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Red Cross and UNICEF

Most of them have information on their website for donations or sign up forms to help as a volunteer.

The recommendation is to contact Accem Galicia by phone +34 673 319 850 in order to legalize the situation of the refugees, so that they can proceed with the initial orientation, help in application procedures for obtaining residence and work permits and referral to the most appropriate place of asylum

Minors who arrive alone in Galicia will be cared for by the child protection organizations of the Xunta de Galicia.

  • If you are familiar with a case of a minor who has arrived alone or without family references, it is important to report it immediately to the National Police or over the child helpline (116111) or contact the municipal social services. In this way, the international search for their family will be activated and the alternative that best suits their specific needs will be offered.
  • Article 4 of the International Adoption Act establishes the impossibility of adopting children whose country of residence is in conflict.

While we appreciate the signs of solidarity and offers of shelter for children from Ukraine, the priority is to find the best solution for each particular case via institutional channels, so social services will determine the best option.

In Galicia the family foster care for minors is managed by the Xunta, which has its own website where you can get more information or contact offering your help or request personalized information:

The Xunta de Galicia also made available the Social Rental Voucher in accordance with the existing requirements.

Language is very important for reception. In Galicia we need people who speak Ukrainian, Russian and Spanish. You can contact the Xunta de Galicia by sending an email or contacting the above-mentioned social organizations directly. You should mention where you live and your language level.

We appreciate all the signs of solidarity by citizens, companies and organizations. If you have an available home or other type of shelter, you can contact:


In this first phase, public hosting and social organizations resources are being used. This facilitates the social assistance of arrivals and their stability over time.

The Government is preparing a reception protocol so that available resettlement places by the regional communities, municipalities, social organizations and individuals will be allocated centrally.

If you know people who are fleeing the war in Ukraine, you can inform the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration by calling on free of charge number: +34 91 047 4444 to take their relatives into account when determining their destination.

The Xunta guarantees the immediate schooling for Ukrainian minors. For that purpose:

  • School transport services, cafeteria, educational material and extracurricular activities are free for all of them.
  • A Welcome Plan has been created for the centers.
  • The course assignment is equivalent to one from their home country.
  • Bilingual dictionaries in Ukrainian-Spanish, as well as a selection of books on war conflicts and refugees, are available at schools.
  • A special web site with various resources such as a basic Galician-Spanish-Ukrainian conversation guide was created.

The Xunta de Galicia takes great responsibility in this area, it will regulate its administrative situation and prevent potential cases of violence. The priority for minors to remain with their relatives.

The Xunta and the main organizations specialized in child protection work to ensure the identification and protection of minors arriving. These organizations are: Red Cross, UNICEF and the Platform of Galician Children's Organizations (POIG).

The Ukrainian population will be able to register as a job seeker at the offices of the Public Employment Service of Galicia and will have access to all training courses for unemployed people, the accreditation of key competences and the procedures for professional experience recognition.



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